Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photography Makeup

Omg it's been a while!

School has been occupying me for most of the time but good news is I'm almost done with the course now. What's next? A holiday back at home in Malaysia of course! I'm so looking forward to it.

Today I just wanna share something I did in school. It was an elective unit I decided to do instead of Spa. I joined the makeup students for a while for Photography Makeup :)

So at the end of this unit obviously we need to do makeup for a photoshoot and we get to keep the pictures and use it in our portfolios. We had to produce a look each for colour and B&W photography, and we had absolute freedom of whatever we wanted to do. I had lots of inspiration in my mind but due to a couple of problems I had to face, I decided to go with 60's/Twiggy look for my colour shoot, and 50's/Marilyn Monroe look for the B&W. 

Did I mention we had to take care of the hair and wardrobe as well? Boohoo! Reason being the pictures will be our portfolio, obviously nobody wants a model with fantastic makeup but sloppy hair/style.

Besides braiding, I have never styled another person's hair before! I have a terribly boring fashion sense, and I have absolutely no idea about styling. 

Which was one of the reasons why I decided to recreate iconic looks because then I wouldn't have to worry about trying hard to create something and have a terrible looking result. All I have to do is copy the look.

Ok enough with the boring words, pictures time.

These were my face charts of the looks I was going for. I love doing face charts mainly because I really love painting. I love painting with anything; pastels, colour pencils, watercolour... colours make me happy! I love the idea of filling these lifeless, boring, 2D face charts with beautiful colours. We're also required to draw the hair as how we would style it on our models.

 Excuse the coffee stain =.= My coffee spilled in my bag, that's why.

For 1960's/Twiggy here's the picture I kinda took inspiration from.

The reason I chose Twiggy is because I thought the look was easy to recreate. Besides a really strong socket line and massive lower lashes, everything else was pretty simple; natural skin and lips, droopy eyes, warm cheeks. Another main reason was I have this shift dress with peter pan collar which I thought will match this 60's look really well. Hair was all tied back, to immitate Twiggy's pixie cut. It looks sleek from the front but you don't want to see the back. It's a complete mess! Lol.

I actually bought lower lashes at the very last minute because I totally forgot -.- I thought Twiggy wore false lashes but upon close inspection, I realised it was her real lashes with some drawn in! I ended up not using them anyway because they didn't look like what I wanted. Instead, I coated her lower lashes with loads of mascara, and I drew some in.

I was even tempted to draw in some fake freckles but I was kinda afraid, didn't know how well it'll turn out in pictures so didn't do it in the end.

For my B&W photography I chose 1950's/Marilyn Monroe because I knew my model was blonde and I knew she loved Marilyn and that's a really important factor because in the pictures she'll have to pose and whatever, if she doesn't even know or like the character it makes it even harder to get good pictures. Case in point, Twiggy. She didn't know her and during the shoot she felt a little lost as to what she should do :/

Anyway here's the picture I got my inspiration from.

I wasn't worried about the makeup, my main issue was definitely the hair. As I said I've never done hair before besides braiding! After Twiggy, this would be the 2nd time I did someone else's hair. I looked up tonnes of youtube tutorials on Marilyn's hair but I only got to 'practice' it, or maybe the right word is 'execute' it on the day of the shoot itself, on my model! When I did her hair for the Twiggy look it was supposedly easy but I was so lost already. And for Marilyn's I had to do pin curls.

As I was doing it I struggled to get the curls really tight and even and we both thought it wasn't going to work but I was really happy with the result! It definitely didn't look like Marilyn's but for my first time doing it I was REALLY happy already. I also accidentally burnt my model's forehead with the curling tong >.< 

Excuse the lips, I know it's not perfect but I had only 5 minutes to do it cos we were taking our time during lunch and we weren't aware we're next for the shoot >.< oops hahah.

After the shoot we were fooling around taking pictures with our phones. I added the beauty spot for one last picture (because she didn't want it in the shoot) and told her to do a Marilyn pose :D

She really liked the look, and I was pretty pleased myself :)

 Please ignore my greasy looking hair >.< Was really stressed out that morning and didn't have time to wash it.

One last picture of the day, with me in action ;)

I look like I have man arms =.=

I'll be getting the professional pictures in about a month's time, the photographer will pick some of the best shots and I will post it up when I get them. It was a great experience and I enjoyed it! In class and during the shoot we learned a little about lighting during a photoshoot. Also what not to do and what we should do more when doing makeup for a photoshoot.

It's my first time doing someone else's makeup and hair and I really did learn lots from it. Doing someone else's hair is really NOT as simple as it looks. Doing someone else's makeup was alright, especially applying false lashes. So much easier than applying it on myself lol.

The only struggle I initially had was looking for a model. Nobody was free to model for me at the beginning and I was so stressed out. And then I had to do the Marilyn hair and I was thinking, "Why am I doing this to myself, choosing to do this hair" when I could have just straighten it or do something easier lol. I'm glad I persevered.

So that's one thing crossed off my bucket list; being a makeup artist! Kinda :P Although only 2 days, I was satisfied. Did it make me even more interested in doing makeup? Sure did :)


xin said...

you did a great job on both looks! :D I personally like the marilyn monroe one.

Adel said...

wow you're so talented :) I adore the Marilyn Monroe make up look that you have created!

Kimmy said...

two classic looks amazingly recreated, fantastic job!

❤ Ee Von said...

xin: thanks! :D yeah the twiggy one is a little too much to wear out. monroe's makeup is timeless!

Adel: thanks for your kind comment love! :) nobody can say no to the classic glam of red lips and curls!

Kimmy: thanks for the lovely comment babe! xx