Monday, March 19, 2012

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


I got this foundation one day when Priceline (local chemist) was having a promotion of 50% off the entire Bourjois range. Haven't really heard about it but when I tested the foundation, it felt quite decent which was why I decided to give it a go. Also, Bourjois is not cheap here in Australia (as with all other beauty products) I must say so with 50% off, it was definitely a good time to try some of their products. Being a random pick, I would have never guessed that it could turn out to be a holy grail foundation for me =)

A radiance-boosting, fruit therapy foundation: a flawless complexion for up to 16hrs!
Apricot - Radiance
Melon - Hydration
Apple - Anti-oxidant
Ginger - Energy 

Its exquisite and melting formula blends onto the skin for a flawless yet natural finish.
- 8Hrs moisture, maintains essential skin hydration
- Semi-matte finish.
- Oil-free, non occlusive formula
- High tolerance, dermatologically tested 


The texture of the foundation is light but not too runny, really smooth and easy to blend. Its fruity scent is quite significant but I like it. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a good pump, the amount you want is controllable. Plastic may look cheap but if you ever drop it, you don't have to worry about heart attacks or the pain of cleaning up - speaking from experience. The colour I have is 53 Beige Clair/Light Beige which is neutral with a slightly yellowish undertone. It is a teeny, weeny bit darker than my skintone but I'm just being really picky because in person, nobody could tell.

1. A blob of the product. 2. An unblended swatch. 3. Product blended into the skin.

Here's a list of ingredients:


What better way than to show a foundation's coverage than pictures, eh?   

For a full face, 1 pump for me is plenty. I usually refuse to dirty my fingers so I like to use a buffing brush but otherwise fingers work well with this foundation too. 

In my opinion, this foundation provides a light to medium coverage. It evens out my skintone nicely, and quite decently hides any redness and pigmentation I have. Finish wise, this picture doesn't really show but it finishes semi-matte with a hint of healthy looking radiance on the skin. (For full face, refer to this post)

I don't know if it is able to last up to 16 hours but it does last for at least 8 hours, only if I powder my face. Without powder, the foundation does get a little bit blotchy on specific areas when my skin's excess sebum starts to come through - usually around the mouth. But powdering to me is no biggie anyway because I do put on concealer and it needs powder to set it in place. And besides, if you don't get oily you can probably can get away without powdering.

What I absolutely love is how natural, and skin-like it looks because of the radiance without compromising the coverage. If anything, I would call this the 'my skin but better' foundation. I can use this without a primer and it doesn't accentuate my pores, sink into lines or oxidise. 

I'd say it's suitable for any skin types but people with normal, or combination of normal and slightly oily or dry skin will love it. If you like foundation that feels light and looks natural, you'll love this. It does have artificial fragrance and the scent is quite strong so people who are sensitive to that, you might want to stay away.
Pros: Natural-looking finish, does not emphasize pores or lines, long-wearing, light-weight, affordable if you can source it at the right price.
Cons: Pricey in Australia, only 5-6 shades available

For most of the time I wear this foundation, I get people telling me my makeup looks good, my skin looks healthy and it's a perfect colour match. Even the boyfriend likes it and he doesn't usually like me with makeup. How can this not be a holy grail already?

Price & Availability:
It retails for AUD 32 but you can sometimes find them on sale. Available in Priceline and Target nationwide. Sometimes you can also find it on Asos or StrawberryNet with a much cheaper price (almost 50%) than retail but at the time of me writing this, unfortunately it's not available.


Connie De Alwis said...

Love this foundie! Not too bad coverage despite the light formula eh?

❤ Ee Von said...

yup yup! looks so natural some more!